Take in the unmistakable aroma of freshly ground Kenco Coffee, Twinings Tea or Aero Hot Chocolate

We stock a large range of coffees, teas and hot drinks. Where ever possible, these products are sourced locally from suppliers who support the Rainforest Aliance and Fair Trade policies. We are a proud supplier of Kenco products and support their sustainable development programme.

Whatever your circumstances, if you want to relax and read a paper or need a quick coffee before a meeting, please feel free to call in.

Just sit down and relax and enjoy your visit to Sasco's.

Hot Drinks Regular Large
Tea £1.60 £1.80
Americano £1.80 £2.00
Latte £2.10 £2.30
Plus Syrup £0.30 £0.30
Plus Cream £0.30 £0.30
Cappuccino £2.10 £2.30
Mocha £2.10 £2.30
Hot Chocolate £2.10 £2.30
Espresso £1.80

 Prices subject to change